Hi! I'm Nuria
Hi! I'm NuriaFounder of VALady

About VALady

With more than 20 years working at executive levels in large international corporations, I offer a huge depth and breadth of experience. I have worked within numerous industries to support business growth, organise busy entrepreneurs and to oversee countless projects.

Trust & transparency, effectiveness & efficiency with a strong dose of no-nonsense nicety are all intrinsic to my way of thinking and working.

I am bilingual Spanish/English and therefore, I also work with businesses in the UK who might be looking to expand to Spain or Latin-American countries, and vice versa.

I thrive on partnering with an ever-growing client base from a range of sectors including recruitment, entertainment, marketing and property.

In a Nutshell!

I am a tech-savvy Virtual Assistant and I specialise in providing businesses with admin and technological assistance, including website management, CRM systems, picture editing as well as advanced knowledge of IT packages.

Additional skills you would find useful to know:

  • Advanced training in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Personable and professional communication style with clients.
  • Techie mindset. In tune with how technology ‘thinks’ and how best to use it.
  • Creative streak. Wisely applied.
  • I’m a natural problem solver and committed to finishing a job.
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