Best VPN for small businesses  

As you already know, the internet is becoming less and less of a safe place.  

Malware and backdoor hacking are becoming more sophisticated, and unless you are fully protected against the threat of data theft, even your home or office connection may be at risk of leaking important information or records.  If you run a business or hold particularly sensitive data, you really shouldn’t take any risks – your network, PC, laptop and mobile devices are at risk.

The main elements you should be taking care of are your passwords, your sensitive documents, payment data and more besides – hacking is becoming more elaborate, and often the best way to dodge attacks altogether is to consider redirecting your online traffic. 

Keep hackers at bay!

Although most people are aware of the risks of using the internet and most of us are already taking precautions, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will allow you to connect completely anonymously to an external server, meaning that you can not only browse the internet and share data without being tracked, but you can do so without opening yourself up to the threat of hacking.

My favourite and the one I currently use is NordVPN. One of the best elements NordVPN has to offer is its no-logging policy – which means that when they say you’re browsing anonymously, you’re browsing COMPLETELY anonymously.

I also connect to a proxy before connecting to my VPN. I use the proxies from for this, just to double-up on my security.

Consider a VPN for enhanced protection

Virus software and firewalls are all well and good at keeping out the more common attacks and latest worms and bugs, but when it comes to hackers attempting to work their way into your data, you can do no wrong by considering a VPN for enhanced protection.  NordVPN provides anonymous security for home and business, allowing you to keep your identity, and the data of all of your customers and employees, safe and secure.  To put it simply, a VPN is an extra suit of armour against online threats and potential attacks – and you will do well to give one a try.

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