Why Not Delegate?

If there is one thing that connects all entrepreneurs together, it’s their self-starting nature. From the very start of setting up a business, enterprise or service, an entrepreneur is going to be relying on their own wits, resources, and abilities. Many, many people make this level of control and oversight really work wonders for their business growth! However, there are going to be plenty of areas and occasions where delegating tasks makes just as much sense.

However, it’s not uncommon for sole traders and entrepreneurs to avoid delegating anything at all. There are plenty of reasons for this. In fact, it’s likely you will find plenty of self-starters choosing to continue to manage and juggle everything themselves.

In a fast-paced world that is always growing and evolving, why should these choices make sense? Surely it makes more sense for a sole entrepreneur to share their workload around? Unfortunately, for many people, letting go of their hard work – even the smallest of tasks – can feel as though, to them, that they are losing control.

Many entrepreneurs fiercely protect their businesses and inner workings to such an extent that no one else ever lays eyes on the inner workings of their routines and schedules. If you can physically and mentally manage all the day to day running and stresses of entrepreneurships, this is all well and good. However, there will likely come a time in all sole traders’ experiences where they need to start sharing the load.

But why do entrepreneurs still find it so hard to let go of much of their work – and why might they be barking up the wrong tree altogether?

It’s About Time

The fact is, delegating saves you time. It’s something that many people struggle to find enough of. Millions of people work for their whole lives only to find themselves pretty bored when it comes to retirement! At other times, hard-working entrepreneurs may find themselves stretched so thin that they don’t actually have time to look after themselves.

The idea that successful entrepreneurship is born through constant work is certainly false. Hard work is all well and good, but that old chestnut – work smarter, not harder – makes just as much sense nowadays as it did when it first started seeping into business textbooks going back decades. That means, of course, learning to let go of some tasks and jobs, and to make time for your own self-development.

We all need time to break and to sit back occasionally. It is neither healthy nor productive to work constantly. That doesn’t mean you ever have to delegate the bigger, more intensive work. If this is something that you wish to retain control over, that’s perfectly understandable.

However, to free up more time for you to recuperate and to develop yourself and your business, you are going to need to think about delegating and moving those smaller tasks on. These might be as simple or as superficial as answering emails or fielding incoming calls. Do you really need to spend all night answering mail? Probably not. It can all be handled quickly and regularly by a talented virtual assistant.

It’s About Trust

Many entrepreneurs, and rightly so – are hugely protective of the work they do. They will likely have a fixed way of doing things, and unique insight into what works, and what doesn’t. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that so many sole traders are going to want to keep hold of what they have. Protection is also a good thing – it shows that you care about what you do, and what you produce. It shows that you want to be the best, and that your customers can always expect that from you.

That’s why it’s so important to loosen up occasionally. A professional virtual assistant can sign a non-disclosure agreement or other binding document to ensure that your private data stays just that – private – meaning that you have legal protection backing you up. The best VA services will also ensure that they only have access to the top level of your data. For example, you will still have full access to your sensitive files and potential patents. This means that no one is ever going to leak or steal data from you.

It’s important to remember that VAs work wide a wide variety of clients. They understand that the people they work with are always going to be handling sensitive data and hugely important information. If a VA is worth taking at their word, they will want to grow with you. This means you, as an entrepreneur, should think carefully about loosening your grip a little. Look at the millions of people who already delegate minor tasks. Without delegation, there is no long term growth. Pure and simple!

How Can a Virtual Assistant Actually Help Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses?

It’s time to think creatively. Crucially, a VA could help to boost an entrepreneur to the next level of business and brand growth. They can take away the daily hassles of managing social media, for example.

Once you open yourself to becoming more receptive to virtual assistance, the benefits of this type of service will become more and more obvious. A VA will be able to actively embody your brand and your service across multiple channels. Networking, customer outreach, lead-building, and simple mail sorting – as well as website maintenance – are all things that virtual assistants can and will help you with.

If you are an entrepreneur or a fast-growing business and are finding that you are struggling to take that next step up in business and brand growth, it is time to reach out and delegate. Why not hire an experienced, impartial VA who can be your public profile when you’re busy running things behind the scenes?

Don’t be afraid to loosen up a little. You’ll still have full control of your business, your brand, and all the sensitive data that goes with it. Be sure to reach out and delegate even the smallest of tasks, and you’ll find that your business starts scaling up before your eyes!

If you feel you could benefit from working with a professional virtual assistant, check my services or contact me!

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