How to choose the right directories for your business

Selecting the right directories for your business is very important. One of the main reasons is that they help to improve your website SEO with their backlinks.

While there are various free directories out there, there are many of them that you might want to register with. So here’s a straightforward guide to examining where to register:

Publicity of the directory

Unless if the site membership is free of charge, then the very first thing you ought to consider is the amount to be placed on the site with regards to the exposure your business will get on the directory. If you are spending between £1 to £50/months on charges, then you should not expect much exposure.

  • Search keyword phrases you would expect your clientele to use to search you. Does the directory appear on the first page of search engine results? If not, it is not worth paying for.
  • Check their website’s page rank

This is certainly the score Google assign to the directory concerning credibility. Most websites will score 1 to 3; some will score between 3 to 5, 5+ is generally for larger sites like government websites and of course Google themselves! Before you pay a website for listing, they must have at the least a PR of 4 to 5.


The internet provides measurability for your promotion, and the organisation that owns the directory you’re contemplating must be able to quickly answer, and be ready to prove it for you with their analytic data any inquiries about who comes to their website.

Where are the visitors coming from?

If you’re a local business, it is important that many of your prospective/target customers should be local. If it is a local directory and the traffic is not local then be mindful as it might be bogus traffic paid for to unethically increase the visit and website visitor numbers of the website.

The number of unique visitors that the site get monthly on average.

This figure is more important than visits. A person can visit a site 100 times a day from their mobile phone, but they’re still just one unique visitor. Every single visitor is not certain to be a unique individual – it means an IP address (each gadget that accesses the web has its personal unique IP) one person might have many devices with different IPs – their laptop, mobile device, desktop etc. However one device could have many people using it (like cafe computers, family computer or workplace devices), so it’s generally known as being the ideal indicator of real visitors to sites.


When thinking about which directory to sign up with, consider the quality of the directory as well as the business model

Listed here are a few things to consider:

  1. Does the directory look professional? It must have high-quality pictures for beginners. Check the site for spelling and grammar errors; do every link on the website work? Is it simple to use? Are the business listings up-to-date and correct?
  2. Is the website mobile-friendly? This is very important as UK citizen are surfing the web with their smartphones much more than their laptops or computers.

Follow these steps to ensure that your website has good quality backlinks!

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