How to Start a Podcast: A User Guide

How to Start a podcast

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast as an additional way to market your content and ideas, you couldn’t have picked a better time to do it. There are more tools than ever available to help you create professional podcasts and the love for podcasts is growing every day.

A podcast is like a radio show from the days of old. You can record your show, or you can perform it live and then replay the recording for those who want to listen on their own time.

Your audience will listen using their smartphone or computer. They simply need to visit your website or the platform you choose to publish your podcasts on.

Podcasts are so popular because of the flexibility they offer. Over half of all adults in the UK report listening to at least one podcast regularly. What’s more, most people listen “on the go” while doing other things. It is a multitasking world, after all. Whether you like multitasking or not, your audience enjoys listening to you and doing their thing, and you may as well accommodate them.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to repurpose and reuse popular content that you’ve published elsewhere. Alternately, you could create your podcasts first, then offer transcripts to listeners and/or use the information to create fresh content for your blog, products and more.

Reasons to Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast is super easy. It’s inexpensive, and your audience will like it. If you want to start a new stream of income or drive more traffic to your website, and you already have an audience, a podcast is an easy decision. Even if you’re just beginning a podcast can launch your new career fast.

  • Repurpose Content – As someone who already has a business online, you know the importance of using the content you buy. What’s more, you should be using it multiple times to get the most bang for your buck. Repurposing some of your most popular content into a podcast episode gives your audience more of what they want in a new
  • Create a New Stream of Income – Making money from a podcast is just as easy as making money from your blog, a YouTube channel, and other online methods of earning money. If you have a promising idea, there is no reason you won’t make more money through your
  • Build and Grow Your Audience – Podcasts are a wonderful way to build an audience and keep it growing. It may take more time if you’re starting from nothing, but if your idea is good and you consistently upload episodes, your audience will grow.
  • Promote Products and Services – A podcast like ads, blogging, and other forms of content marketing is the perfect way to promote your own products and services as well as those you promote as an affiliate. It’s like giving your main income a boost without doing a whole lot of work.
  • Connect with Your Audience on a New Level – Letting your audience hear your voice is a lot more personal than letting them only read your blog posts. Even if your podcast talks about the same thing as your blog post, your audience will feel closer to you upon hearing your voice.
  • Provide New Forms of Content to Your Audience – The time, effort, and money spent creating content for your audience is not wasted when you reformat it and repurpose it. Everyone has a preferred method of learning. By providing the same or similar content in a variety of formats, you ensure you’re reaching the maximum number of audience members.
  • Increase the Value of Your Business – Having multiple platforms to deliver information, products, and services to your audience increases the value of your business, if you ever want to sell it or if you need a loan to expand.
  • Become an Industry Authority or Influencer – Like book authorship, podcasts are a great way to showcase your knowledge. It can help you quickly become an industry authority or customer influencer, depending on who your audience is and whether you’ve focused on the industry or the customer.
  • Low Creation Cost – Podcasts are inexpensive to create. You may already own the equipment and tools necessary to get started. A quality microphone is necessary, but most are very affordable. You will also need a quiet space to host and record your show, a platform to publish it and a good topic.

Hosting regular podcasts is a fantastic way to spread the word about you, your business, and your products. With the popularity of podcasts and the low production costs, adding this method of marketing to your lineup is surely an easy decision.

Types of Podcasts to Start

Look at any podcast platform and you’ll see many types of podcasts on about every topic you can think of. Let’s go over a few ideas to consider as you think about starting a podcast as an additional income stream or marketing platform for your information, products, or services.

  • Informative – These types of podcasts keep your audience up to date on everything from changes in the industry to upcoming products you’re releasing. They can be focused on information for business owners, for example, the opening of new venues or new tax laws. Or they could share information with the customer such as new artists on the scene or upcoming events they may want to attend.
  • Educational – This would be less focused on how to do something and more about a topic. For example, a doctor might do a podcast on heart health topics. It could include latest research, medications, things to try, things that have been proven less effective, etc. Remember we talked about repurposing popular content you already have? This would be one way to do that.
  • How To – By far one of the easiest podcasts to create. You simply tell your audience how to do something or tips for making the most of something. For example, if you’re a life coach, you could do podcast on one aspect of your coaching, such as mindset. You could do an entire series on the topic focusing on the various aspects of mindset and changing it.
  • Customer Focused – You can focus your topics on what your customers need or will enjoy instead of the industry. For example, suppose you’re a virtual assistant, you may want to make a podcast focused on how best to hire contractors and outsource tasks. An effortless way to come up with topics for this type of podcast is to watch what questions come into your support desk and look at the feedback you are receiving.
  • Industry Focused – Whatever industry you’re in, you can teach others in that industry how to succeed. You can think of it as a networking and educational show giving others in your industry tips on success.
  • Interview Show – A straightforward way to start a podcast is to focus on interview shows. People love to hear other people talk about what they’ve accomplished, how they overcome obstacles and more. Plus, you can take advantage of the “Oprah Effect,” which says that the person who interviews many good experts starts being viewed as an expert.
  • A Panel Show – Like the interview show only with more people. You would invite a group of people to talk about a specific topic You, as the host, would ask questions and let the panel share their views and opinions. This type of podcast can be a bit more work, getting all the guests together but it can also boost your reputation by surrounding yourself with all these experts.
  • Non-fiction Stories – If your audience is into true stories, you could create a podcast around those. From historical events to true crime, these topics can be highly addictive.
  • Fiction Stories – If you’re an author or writer, this would be a fantastic way to showcase your talent. You could read a chapter of your book, talk about your work and more. This could be especially helpful if you’re new to the scene and want people to get to know you.
  • Solo Opinion Commentary – Many of the aforementioned podcast types would also be solo as you’d be the only person speaking. However, with this, it would sort of be you voicing your opinion on specific topics. Each show could be about a different topic, or a spin on a topic. From trending topics to things you’ve always wanted to say but never had an audience to say it to. Alternately, you could create an entire podcast surrounded about a specific topic; be it politics, keto diets or whatever you follow closely.

Honestly, the ideas for podcasts are endless. Any topic you can spend 20 minutes talking about and that people will listen to and understand should work for a podcast. It’s all about having a conversation with your audience about the issues they’re interested in.

How to Make the Most of the Podcast

While creating a podcast is easy, it’s imperative you have a plan in place before you begin. Make a list of good topics. Decide how you want to format of the show. Take time to create a memorable name for your show. Of course, will also want to plan each show out, including writing a loose script.

Here are a few more tips for making the most of your podcast.

  • Edit the Recordings – Once you’ve recorded the show, it will need to be edited. You can do it yourself or outsource the task. Oftentimes we stumble when we speak without noticing too much but when you playback the recording, it comes across clearly. Removing these will give your recordings a more professional feel. Check my podcast audio editing service.
  • Transcribe the Show – Offering a transcript of the show will not only help you reach a few more people but it allows you to quickly access and reuse the material in other things.
  • Choose a Reputable Host – Ensure the company you host with will distribute your show widely to other platforms so your audience can listen from anywhere. Of course, you’ll want to do your own marketing and promotions so more people can find your show.
  • Use the Tools of The Trade –Your podcast needs to be on-topic, well branded, and sound good. It doesn’t require top of the line professional equipment, but if your audience cannot hear you or understand you, there is no point.
  • Offer Real Information – Be serious about your podcast. Give your audience a good show each time by fact-checking your sources and the information you provide.
  • Be Trustworthy – The more trustworthy you are, the more your audience will like you. Do what you say you will do and be who you say you are. The more authentic you are on your show, the more trusting everyone will be of you.
  • Focus on Audience First – Remember, your audience and their needs come first. All goodness you experience in your business stems from your ability to give your audience what they want and need.
  • Get Some Help – You don’t have to do everything yourself. There are lots of people available that specialize in the various aspects of podcasting. From determining your show’s format to choosing the right tools. You can even find people to help you round up and organize guests to interview. If you want to go it alone, that’s fine, but study the experts’ methods, and try to do what they do.

Like most things in life, the important thing to remember when starting a podcast is to give it time. If you’ve properly researched your audience and the topic they need most, your show is sure to be a hit. With consistency and focus, time will make it work for you.

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