WiFi in Barcelona

For the last few years, every time I travel to Barcelona either on business or holidays, I hire a portable router which enables me to stay connected and continue being on top of my business.

WifivoxI have used different devices from different companies, but the one I have been consistently using for the last few years is the Wifivox service. It has become indispensable. By carrying Wifivox in my handbag, I have internet connection at any time and I am able to use my laptop, tablet and mobile phone without roaming charges. My family’s devices can also connect to the portable router without altering the speed of the connection.

The network connection is excellent, I can even watch stream TV without any interruptions. Also, they offer a very efficient free delivery and pick up service to your hotel.

Going to Spain? Rent a pocket WiFi and enjoy the internet as if you were at home

If you are planning to go to Spain either on business or holidays and you are wondering whether you are going to get a decent Wifi connection, Wifivox will provide you with high-speed internet connection at a very reasonable price.

Wifivox offers unlimited 4G internet access anywhere in Spain, saving you from having no roaming fees, and you can even share the connection with your friends and family.

Ordering is very easy. Go to https://wifivox.com, enter details, pay by credit card and the device will be delivered to the address of your choice on the date agreed.