The 8 Best Ways To Grow Your Podcast Audience

The 8 Best Ways To Grow Your Podcast Audience

I’m sure you spent a lot of time thinking about what gets discussed on your show. It’s in your best interest to keep your listeners informed. After publishing the episode and checking the stats a day later, you discover there were only 10 people who listened to it. Sounds depressing, right? All that hard work with nothing to show for it. To be successful, you must grow your podcast audience.

Here are some tips:

1. Reshape your podcast content

Podcasts may be in audio format, but the ball doesn’t have to stop there. Turn your podcast content into blog posts, infographics, videos, social media graphics, and so much more!

2. Take a video of yourself while recording your podcast

Let your followers see you live in action. They’ll appreciate the glimpse. The best part is that you can reach new audiences on YouTube and wherever else you upload your video.

3. Share your podcast with your blog subscribers

Don’t keep your blog subscribers in the dark. Rather, let them know you’ve got a new episode out and invite them to listen to it when they have time!

4. Post an update on your social media profiles

Everyone’s on social media nowadays. Show people your social side and encourage them to listen to your podcast. Do you need help? We can help you with that!

5. Speak with professionals in your field

People enjoy being acknowledged as experts. So, contact them and see if they’d be interested in being interviewed. They’d be delighted to advertise your concert to their audience as well!

6. Appear on more popular podcasts as a guest

People will approach you to interview you if you portray yourself as a ‘expert’ in your niche. Don’t say no to them. Take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and pique people’s interest in your own show!

7. Use social media to promote your business

It is feasible to get organic social media traffic, but it usually takes time. Consider paying for advertisements to get the ball rolling. Facebook and Instagram are inexpensive, and you can easily target the correct demographic with them!

8. Create episode show notes or transcripts

Add the show notes or transcripts to your blog and make sure it’s search engine optimised. You might notice an avalanche of search engine traffic in the near future!

Need help editing your podcast?

We offer Podcast Editing Services where we do the work for you and one-on-one Podcast Coaching where we can answer your questions and consult on your podcast strategy.

We love podcasts, and we like seeing new podcasters getting their recordings out to the world. If you need a little help, contact us— we’ll get back with you and make sure you make a podcast you’re proud of.

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