With GDPR set to make waves in the world of online data and security, there’s never been a better time to get up to speed with why it really matters. Take a look at the top reasons below and you’ll be able to make the smart choices both as a business and as a consumer.

It’s a reaction to data breaches

With large-scale data breaches seemingly becoming more commonplace and harder to identify, GDPR has come about in large part because of consumers want to know how their data is being stored, processed, and handled. Businesses will now need to be able to tell their customers and clients what they do with their data with the aim being to put people back in control of their personal information.

The right to be forgotten is a powerful one

The right to be forgotten is a key part of GDPR because it gives consumers the right to order corporations to remove data from their databases when it is no longer needed. In the digital age, there has been a proliferation of mass data storage with consumers often unwittingly handing over more and more data. GDPR is set to tackle this problem head-on.

The right to have mistakes corrected

Outdated or incorrect information can be a bane to many of us because it is of little or no use, and yet still keeps surfacing. By having the right to have inaccurate information erased and outdated data updated, GDPR looks set to streamline the information companies hold on their customers.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for security-savvy companies

With trust in the digital security process of companies at a record low, GDPR offers savvy businesses a great opportunity to attract new customers by championing the new security measures. By being explicit about their commitment to not sell information to third parties without express permission, companies that get in early will be able to build trust and expand their customer base.

With GDPR in force since the 25th May 2018 one thing is for sure; the businesses that fully embrace this raft of new rules and regulations will be able to expand their businesses by building trust with their customer base.

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