Expand to Spanish-Speaking Countries

International organisations need to be able to speak different languages. Otherwise, communication between you and potential customers will suffer due to poor translation. To break down the language barrier, you need a Spanish and English-speaking virtual assistant to break down the language barrier.

By outsourcing to us, you’ll have a highly experienced representative facilitating more productive communication between you and your clients or customers. Expand to Spanish-speaking countries, reach untapped markets, boost customer service satisfaction, and access more business opportunities.

Why trust us?

VALady’s bilingual virtual assistants help businesses in several ways.


Besides their salary, hiring a full-time employee means paying for recruitment, background checks, onboarding, benefits, among others. A bilingual Spanish and English speaking assistant costs just a fraction of this.

Increase Productivity

Miscommunications with a partner or client may lead to you wasting time or needing to redo a task. A bilingual assistant will minimise miscommunication and increase productivity.

Boost Customer Acquisition

VALady allows you to reach out to prospects who may not have been interested in what you have to offer if you didn’t have a bilingual representative.

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Boost Customer Retention

In addition to attracting new customers, a bilingual virtual assistant can better address Spanish-speaking customers’ concerns and increasing the likelihood of retaining them.

Administrative Support

Your Spanish and English-speaking virtual assistant isn’t just a translator. You can free up valuable time and energy by having them take on administrative tasks and project management.

Get a Virtual Assistant that Knows Your Target Audience

Being able to speak your target audience’s language is only a small part of successfully marketing your product or service to them. To form strong relationships between them and your brand, you need to know how they think as well.

When you outsource a Spanish-speaking virtual assistant, you get a team member that has experience working with various businesses and their Spanish-speaking clients. They don’t just speak the language; they know your target audience’s culture.

We will provide you with valuable insight into how your target audience thinks. You’ll be better able to engage your audience and avoid doing anything inappropriate within their culture.

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Our Other Services

Besides Spanish-speaking virtual assistants, you can also outsource the following services to VALady:

What our customers say

I called on Nuria to help me communicate with a Spanish utility company about an issue I had been unable to resolve for 4 months. Obviously, it helped that she was able to speak to them in her native Spanish, but what really made all the difference is her enormous skill in persuading them to go out of their way to help. Nuria obviously understands all the cultural nuances, and the result was success at last – if I had not contacted Nuria, I have no doubt I would still be suffering. The price was well worth it for an efficient, reliable and caring service – I’m just sorry I didn’t find her services earlier.
Sian BuckleySian Buckley, Freelance Producer

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