Keep your listeners engaged.

Creating content is only half the job. How you present it is just as important, and no one will want to listen to your podcast if there’s too much noise, awkward pauses, and uneven sound levels. Avoid these problems with the help of our virtual assistant services.

By outsourcing your podcast editing to us, you’ll remove audio issues, have a professional mixing and arranging your podcast, and keep listeners engaged and entertained.

What We Do

Outsource your podcast audio editing tasks to us to enhance your listeners’ experience. We provide comprehensive audio editing services:


To better draw listeners in, we can add music, including intros and outros. We’ll also mix the voices of the podcast participants and normalise their sound levels, so they’re more pleasant to listen to.


Awkward pauses and sounds can cause your podcast to drag on for listeners and make it harder to understand you. We’ll remove pauses, uncomfortable silences, coughs, buzzing, background noise, and other unwanted sounds.


Sometimes, you need a second opinion to get a good assessment of your podcast’s quality. Our professional editor will listen to your podcasts and make recommendations for improvement.

Our Process

We provide assistance with every step of the editing process:

  1. Initial Discussion. We discuss your needs with you, what you want help with, and whether there’s anything you want to be left to your team.
  2. Auditing. Your podcast editor audits your podcasts’ audio quality and makes recommendations to improve it.
  3. Editing. We mix, clean, and arrange your podcast to make it as compelling as possible.
  4. Final Mastering. Your editor makes adjustments  based on your inputs and our audits before adding the final touches.
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Cost-Effective, Professional Editing Services

If you’re not creating podcasts or other audio outputs daily, hiring a full-time editor would cost too much. You could have someone currently on your team edit your podcasts, but they might not be able to match the quality of a professional audio editor.

Outsourcing your podcast audio editing to us allows you to gain the benefits of having a professional editor without having to hire one full-time. You’ll get quality audio editing priced on a per podcast basis that will help you attract more listeners.

Your Personal Podcast Editor

Kieffer Santander has more than 20 years of music editing and production experience. You can count on his expertise to spot common audio flaws and help you to produce a clear, concise, and entertaining series of podcasts.

By outsourcing your audio podcast editing to him, you’ll have the chance to discuss your audio editing needs in full. Even if you’re unsure how to get your episodes sounding their best, he’ll always be happy to run a complete audit.

Kieffer is thorough, precise, and knowledgeable. Using industry-leading tools, he’ll listen to every second of your podcast episodes to ensure that they appeal to the ears as well as the speakers!

Our Other Services

In addition to podcast audio editing, we also offer:

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Nuria’s standard and quality of her work are excellent. Nuria is organised, particularly useful when supporting a number of professional disciplines. Most importantly the services Nuria provides are confidential and professional at all times.

Dave Tilley, Owner / DJ Consulting

Incredibly amazing and professional, Nuria has supported me on several projects from setting up my social media to supporting me with bids, presentations, and proposals. she is absolutely a great resource and I highly recommend here.
it is like having your own personal assistant there when you need them and she also gives great general advice. I feel as though I also have a mentor.

Matthew Harris, Data Centre & Cloud Consultant

Nuria has transformed the efficiency of my business and taken over some of the marketing, allowing me to focus on other areas of the business. Efficient, focused, diligent worker, always takes care with the quality of the work she produces. She has also suggested improvements to our systems, making us both work more efficiently. To summarise, she is great!

Susan Heaton-Wright, Creative Director / Viva Live Music