Avoid those ‘lost in translation’ moments

As one of the six official languages of the United Nations, millions of people speak Spanish all over the world. While Google Translate and other language tools are great, they’re not 100% accurate and definitely don’t pick up on the subtle nuances of conversation, grammar or tone.

I’m bilingual in Spanish and English. I can make sure that those unintended ‘lost in translation’ moments are a thing of the past, and that your communication is clear and smooth between the different parties.

From document translation to liaising with Spanish speakers, from checking legal documentation to creating Spanish social media posts… and whatever other translation needs you may have, you never have to worry about your message being miscommunicated or misconstrued.

In addition, I can be your ‘bridge’ to new business opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries.  That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

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What our customers say

I called on Nuria to help me communicate with a Spanish utility company about an issue I had been unable to resolve for 4 months. Obviously, it helped that she was able to speak to them in her native Spanish, but what really made all the difference is her enormous skill in persuading them to go out of their way to help. Nuria obviously understands all the cultural nuances, and the result was success at last – if I had not contacted Nuria, I have no doubt I would still be suffering. The price was well worth it for an efficient, reliable and caring service – I’m just sorry I didn’t find her services earlier.
Sian BuckleySian Buckley, Freelance Producer